Friday, March 20, 2009

hostel life..

erm tomorrow i hav go back to hostel..actually i did'nt like to stay in the hostel..hostel always mak me stress and make me remmember about my old school and my girls...but wat can i do...just stay there about 7 month more...after dat hahahhahahahh i finish my school school hostel...and dat time my plan is want to go holiday at somwhere dat can mak me feel relax...and d most important things dat i wan to do after spm is 'couple'....hahahahha...still looking for a cute girl...i time we meet again...bye2...


  1. bangang!! kate nk g pangkor. holiday. kau nk crik teman hidup lakk..

  2. couple also i want maa....hahahhahahhahha..